Ancient Georgian village Khashmi in Kakheti is famous with Saperavi grape variety.

Jakeli family started the vineyard in 2001. 6 ha of Organic vineyard is set up near village Khashmi at 760 m from the sea level, at the picturesque place of Iori valley, full of field flowers, blackberry, sweetbrier and sea-buckthorn bushes bordering forestry mountains.

Unique combination of alluvial soils and peculiar local climate produces intense dark, rich in body, exquisite wine. Naturally, without any chemical nutrients and speed up of the vinification process, wine preserves personality and unique aroma of the terroir.

- Vineyard is managed in organic way, never irrigated and sprayed maximum 5 times in May-July;
- Vineyard soil is intact, not cultivated to allow soil food web develop and improve its structure. Grass is scythed several times per season and used for mulching;
- Harvest usually is carried out in the middle of October. Grape is hand-picked, sorted out and processed immediately.
- First phase and Malo-Lactic fermentation are conducted in a clean and healthy way, no nutrients used;
- Cold stabilization is carried out in natural way;
- Sulfites are used in the smallest amounts and only after the Malo-Lactic fermentation;
- Wine is aged for at least 30 months and bottled NOT FILTERED.

Certified organic by Jakeli are pioneers of organic winemaking and are certified as organic since 2009, standard Green Caucasus. Certificate issued by Caucascert which is accredited by German Accreditation System and is applicable for European countries as well.